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More HeroQuest Type Stuff

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Okay, so I've gone beyond using HeroQuest to "inspire" a game, and have now achieved completely ripping HeroQuest off. This is OK because pretty much every game I make is a ripoff of another game.

I mean, really... who writes original games anymore?

Naturally, I'm using Flash and ActionScript 2.0. This is because I can no longer be bothered to write rendering code in C++.

Actor class(represents a monster or a character)

Monster statistics, formatted in XML, because XML is good, and ActionScript has a nifty XML parser class.

Interesting side notes that I'm discovering about this game...

A monster's "Mind" score is practically useless. It only matters for the character spell "Sleep". On the other hand, a character's Mind score is a bit more important, as several of the "chaos spells" make use of it. 1 point of mind gives a character a 1 in 6 chance of avoiding the effects of a spell. In D&D terms, it represents a "Will Save".

Characters and monsters alike have the equivalent of a D&D "Fortitude Save". When the target of magically generated damage(lightning bolt, fireball, etc), they may roll a die to avoid each point of damage, with a 1 in 3 chance of success.
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