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Close Up and Personal

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Stephen R


I got the bump mapping code ported to the demo last night. I commented it out becuase I didn't really have anything to test it with. My artist came over today with some trial bump maps. I pluged them in, and after a bit of debugging had them working. The bump maps were too high res, so the effect was totally lost in what ended up being just a general darkening of the textures.

Up untill now we had been rendering the scene to a column in the middle of the screen, a third of the screen width wide. We felt that the look didn't work so I put chucking it out onto the todo list. It took me a grand total of five minutes to change the code around a bit so it rendered fullscreen, and then another five tweaking the camera positions so it had the same feel. Once I was finished with it the textures were much larger in the screen and the bump maps started to look a hell of a lot better. The shading effect could actually be made out on texture - it looks kind of cool. We still need new bump maps but the originals worked better than I'd thought.

Tomorrow I'm going to write another bump mapping test app, to try out some of the more advanced effects I've read about. Then I'll start putting the footprint code into the demo. Once thats in place there are only two effects left before this scene is over - the deformable chewing gum, and the tripping over effect. Neither will be that hard. If I'm lucky I might even have the guts of scene one finished by this time next week.

PS. If there's a dog icon, why can't there be a cat one too?
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