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Had toast today

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Yeah. Almost nothing done. It's been four days of work at the day job, so I'm tired. TGIF. Give or take a few hours.

I did tweak the model a bit. I didn't put a whole lot of work into it, since it occurs to me I have yet to design the uniform. He's not running around MY game naked, my friend. So I'll have to finish that. Will probably put some thought to that tonight and then hit the hay.

Short ramble on that: one of the ideas I've had for that head is that it looks handy for storage. With no brain to take up room, you could keep any manner of thing in that hollow. One idea: a kamikaze trooper that keep a rather large bomb up there. Just balances it on his head. The bomb is set off by a pull-string. The pull string hangs out and down in front of the trooper with a sign that says "In case of enemy, pull here". You figure out the rest.

My day job is hitting a slump, which means I get Fridays off, unpaid, for about a month. How I usually treat a day off lately is to treat it as a work day in front of my computer. These are usually great boosts to productivity, so smaller paychecks are not as bad as they seem. I have a nice to-do list to tackle, so hopefully I can make up for my abysmal performance today.

And I know I said in my first entry that "Had toast today" would be my joke entry for a bum day, but I really did have toast today ...
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