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Entry #4: What happens when you don't plan journal

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  • Random Observation of the Day!
    Well, I found out that drinking excessive amounts of caffiene while trapped in small spaces is not a good idea. Don't take my word for it, though...

Ah! The dawn of a new day. Which, actually dawned 11 hours ago... but since I was m'est leve earlier, and because of different frames of reference, that figure may not be exactly right.

So... I can't believe you're actually reading this. This is incredibly boring... how can you stand it? Why don't you go post something, you know? Go help someone with their dating problems - that's what nerds are for, right?

Oh well... if you're reading this still, then that means you must
  1. be a devoted fan.. or
  2. be insane.. or
  3. be incredibly bored and need something to kill time with.

If you selected choice #3, then guess what? You're in luck! Go mow my lawn. [razz]
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Why would I need help with dating problems? I'm the mayor of the friend zone!...
Besides, dating detracts from posting time

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