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Entry, the first

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Rob Loach


I've had the GDNet+ membership for quite a while now and only now do I decide to start posting in them. So, here it begins.

I've just recently re-designed my site and am planning on updating it to the new version 2 in the next few days. Check it out. It won't be up for a couple of days, until then, here's the new one. I'm very proud of it as it's the first website design and backend I've ever made by myself. But yes, I should give Chris and Toolmaker some thank-you's. I may even give the whole design and backend out to anyone who doesn't want to waste their time with that kind of thing. If I do, it will be available on the website. If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact me. Once I'm done with my new website, don't worry, I'll get onto RPong ;-).

I will also be making random modifications to the journal settings as well. So be patient!
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Wow - first entry! I remember back when I got GDNET+ (that was so long ago... it feels like ages [wink]) the first thing I did was set up the journal.

Well, I'd say welcome, but you've been GDNET+ for awhile, so that makes it a little harder...

Tell you what - I'll read your journal if you read mine - form a... journal ring? [lol]

Nice site, btw - not notepad, I'm guessing..?

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Journals are fun. I've been doing them for years off and on. I agree, nice site there Rob.

Hang on Mushu, I'm slowly making my way towards yours...

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