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Well, here's a mock-up of what my space invaders game will look like. I've done this mainly to make sure all my measurements are correct and as a way of dumping the image I had in my head onto a reference image. This is also to scale, 640x480.

Not a great deal to look at, what with all that amazing programmer art (original though, I'll have you know [smile]), but as long as I finish it I won't mind. I'm planning on working on it consistently this weekend but if I come back to it after work each night next week then it's no big deal.

Any thoughts or constructive criticism?
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Programmer art RULES!!!

You ever hear of the definition a Maxis engineer gave for programmer art? It was something along the lines of "artwork by a programmer meant to instill nausea and disgust into artists in order to motivate them to create better images"

Rock on

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Tip for slightly improved programmer art:

There are colors other than 000000, 0000FF, 00FF00, 00FFFF, FF0000, FF00FF, FFFF00, and FFFFFF, and I'm not just talking about the same colors only using 80 in place of FF and the color C0C0C0.

There are, for example, pastels, like 80FF80, C0C060, and so on.

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True, there's webcolors, too. Apparently, there's some more besides them.

I don't think it looks like space invaders without saturating the primary colors in some way [wink]

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