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So, I went to a meeting of the Phoenix chapter of the IGDA tonight. Won a copy of Wordware's Programming Multiplayer Games in a drawing. It was pretty interesting, although tonight was a sort of 'future planning meeting' of sorts, so we didn't really discuss anything of practical merit. It's sorta nice to have actual physical association with other geeks, though; growing up in a small town in Wyoming (population: 550) it's not as if there were game programming geeks popping up everywhere. I was regarded as something of an oddity when I was young, somewhat like a talking dog.

Still working on sketches and design ideas for my four golem characters. I've considered a few large changes in the overall allocation of skills. I'm thinking of giving the pick up and throw objects job to Lourdos (the guy that can also bash things), and giving Orochlon a sort of cannon that can fire different types of Crystal Shards as ranged weaponry. Need to play around with that more.
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That's awesome that you went to your local IGDA meeting. Over here in NJ we started out with like 4 ppl on average and now we hold meetings with like 30-40 people and have a mailing list of over 100 developers in the area. You should definetly keep up meeting with the chapter, you'll build contacts real quick. Several chapter members here got employed in local companies by being members

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Yeah, it was pretty cool. I met a few of the lads from Flashbang Studios, and got to see a beta of the game they're currently working on. As well, I learned about a few upcoming events, including a 3-day conference at UAT (University of Advancing Technology) in October that will feature a large group of guests, including a fellow from Microsoft, a bunch of fellows from Blizzard, etc...

I should have started attending these things earlier, when I first moved here several months ago.

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