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Hey All,

Its been a long time since I posted anything here, but as I draw close to the end of my degree, and as things start changing again in my life, I have taken to writing them down again (though mostly this is at my site.

This Journal has been a walk down memory lane seeing as it was listing assignments from back in 2006. As I gear up for my last class in Semester 2 2008 I now have updated the top to reflect where I am up to.

On top of what is listed I am working on another Project that is not directly related to game development, or really to my Education/Certification, so it has not been listed.

I find myself straying farther from the Game Development field these days and walking in the Corporate World of Systems Administration and dabbling in some Tool/Application Development. My skills are usually utilized in a way that I find myself using my skills to solve problems in ways they really aren't meant to be solved. At least it is keeping my mind sharp by training in a lot of different situations.

With the changes in my Roles at work I have managed to work myself into a nice position where I am able now to concentrate on making things easier for everybody else, by developing tools and improving processes. The pay has improved as well, so I have crossed out that item from my list above.

I think thats about as much as I can update at the moment. I would like to have updated the Empyrean Gate status, but I have been too focused on a lot of things instead, such as MCSE and Uni. Hopefully I get the opportunity to get back to that sometime in the near future.

Cheers, Chris.
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