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Entry #5: Regarding RTS

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!
    Cats and vacuum cleaners really don't mix well...

I love RTS games. The only problem is I suck at them...

You are seated at the crenellations of a high tower overlooking your mighty kingdom. Your ranged cavalry ride through foreign and friendly countryside alike, killing all who oppose. Your reign is solid.

Ages pass. You have a well-build detachment of men. From your command point, you charge an opposing city, and face your enemy's general. As the battle rages, your reinforcements arrive to win the battle, albeit with heavy losses. You begin to rebuild your forces, as does your enemy.

Meanwhile your allies to the south are not faring well. You divert some forces to assist, when all hell breaks loose: your neighbor has just received help from one of his allies. You retreat from your new town, and begin to fortify the old border. The town falls.

Another age passes. Your spears turn to muskets; your catapults to cannons.

Again your allies are not faring well. One town falls, then another. But your forces are already spread thin, as the enemy constantly probes your defenses, yet you hold.

Suddenly, one ally falls, unaided by the other. You caution the other - you are losing ground, and fast! He has a sizeable army, but does not attack. He instead waits. The fall begins.

You push forth unaided, and succeed in capturing a city. You hold it for several weeks, until the rest of the enemy army arrives. But this time, they don't stop at the border.

You manage to successfully repel the invasion with cannon fire and new recruits from the south, but by doing so, you leave your southern cities undefended.

Fortunately, you are not the first to fall - your last ally suffers the blunt of the attack, but with most of your armies in the north, they cannot respond to his calls for help.

Suddenly, your entrenched lines in the north fall under fire. Cannon shots rip the air; your line falters, you fall back to a fort. The enemy advances, you await their arrival, and hope you can pull the remainder of your army to the battle before the fort falls.

Meanwhile, your ally's army collapses: their captial had been vanquished. You hastily begin to fortify your cannibalized southern front, but your builders come under fire before they are complete. You are surrounded.

In desperation, you retreat to the enemy city you captured. It remains yours due to the enemy's neglect. As they surround your capital, the remainants of your army feebily attempt to defend it. A small detachment, sent from your captured city arrives, but it is too late - they cannot break through the enemy lines which surround your capital. It is lost. [bawling]

Perhaps you will be given another day, another chance to claim glory. But that day is not today. And you probably won't actually claim glory for the next week. But eventually, your enemies will fall... [lol]
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