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Stephen R


Well today was fairly good. I spent a few hours making a uv displcement bump mapping test program. It was easier than I thought, and the code in the D3D samples doesn't look half as complicated now that I now whats going on.

My artist came over again today. We spent a while tweaking numbers to get the walking to look better. We added a few sin waves to get the feel of walking along. I just have to tweak a few numbers to get the steps in time with the music but that'll be just two minutes with pen and paper., but its looking good already. Tomorrow I'm going to get to work on the footstep code. I'm not fully sure how I'm going to get the effect I'm looking for but I'll work on it.

I've been spending less and less time going from coming across a technique to implementing it in the demo. Alot of the intimidating things about 3D graphics are becoming much more managable as I begin to understand whats really going on and how do do them. By the end of this demo I should be able to do Kernel Chaos far better than if I'd done it first.

I just defragged my c drive and gone through my system doing a general tuning. I've already noticed a big speed increase. I'm going to defrag the D drive now so I'm off to waste a few hours on tv.
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