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Today (9/25 - lest there be any confusion since I'm posting in the AM) a fellow cast member from the Batman show was having his bachelor party, and before all the guys went out to hit the strip clubs in Philly, they decided to play paintball at a local arena which happened to be conveniently 5 minutes away from Great Adventure. Awesome. I had to work today, so I couldn't stick around for the entire day and couldn't hit up the strip clubs at nite, but that's okay - I spent enough money as is :P

So anyways this was the first time I got to play paintball. I grew up under an over-protective mother, so of course I never got to play it when I was a kid. All that "guns are dangerous" and "you'll shoot your eyes out" crap. Whatever. I had played a lot of laser tag before with my friends, so I knew the tactics, but shooting with laser beams is a lot different than shooting with paintballs.

I managed to get in 8 games before I had to leave for work at Great Adventure (3 shows on the weekends). What a blast. It's a unanimous vote amongst the rest of the cast that also went - paintball rocks! I got hit upside the head one game - owch. I managed to kill about 6 people or so total from all 8 games. I got killed in all of them except two. The last game I played before work, my team wrecked the opposing team - not a single one of us died and we killed em all. I even took out the Best Man. I missed hitting the Groom tho. Damn that was great.

Starting next month, our shows on Sat will start at 5pm rather than 3pm, so we (the cast) are planning on hitting up the paintball fields almost every weekend next month. Suhweeeeet.

Other than that, I got back from paintball to my trailer at GA and found out that my screen on my laptop had somehow cracked up the middle. I can now only work on the left-half of my screen. D'oh!! I guess when I was riding my bike, the screen bent a little and cracked. *sigh* But it's not that big a deal, at least it wasn't some catastrophic drive failure or something. Then I'd be pissed to all hell. So a few minutes ago I ordered up my new monitor. It should arrive Wed or Thurs. I was going to get it sooner or later anyways - circumstances forced me to choose sooner, heh. It sucks I can't really bring my laptop around with me anymore - I have one of those teeny tiny little ultra-portable Vaio's. But those are the breaks. I'll have my new computer in a few months anyways. But that's for another entry...
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Wow - good price on that monitor. I've been looking for a good 17" LCD; usually pretty expensive though. Cheapest I found was $350 at Circuit City, but it was ugly.

But wouldn't it be great to shell out a couple grand for a real nice, widescreen LCD? That'd be nice... mmm... [cool]

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Ah yes, the Dell 2001FP. MaximumPC listed it as a kick-ass 20" monitor for gaming. Good choice. I guess the 17" version would be good as well, but I don't know. I do know that the 17" Samsung is worth it, so I'm happy with my choice.

Besides, with tax and shipping, it actually would have cost me $497.14 - from that site anyways. I got the Samsung for $488 total.

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