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Movies and also movies

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Got the new Star Wars DVD's yesterday, as I had an old Discover gift-card that I wanted to finally retire. I was never wild about Lucas' decision to continually add pointless new computer-generated features and restore deleted footage to his films. If there's one thing I've learned from watching the "deleted footage" sections in DVD bonus sections, it's that deleted footage is deleted for a reason, and 99% of the time it's a good reason.

Only deleted footage I've ever seen that should've been left in was in "Army of Darkness", where a couple of scenes with really important plot-points were removed because there wasn't any action or comedy and the distributors wanted the movie under 90 minutes. They actually preferred a wacky film with a plot that made no damn sense over a slighty-less-wacky film with a reasonable story.

Anyway, I got the new Star Wars DVD's mainly because Lucas has said he'll never re-release the originals and because if I wait any longer, he'll likely just screw 'em up even worse (1, 2).

Haven't watched 'em yet. I was rather surprised my boxed set didn't come with the obligatory booklet of coupons and hideously tacky trinkets, like I got with my LOTR DVD's. Mebbe I just got a bad box.

Actually got to see a movie yesterday, as we got a sitter for Maggie. Since I've now gotta budget my movie-watching more wisely than before and I've grown very tired of the lack of creativity and story in the latest computer-enhanced-action-superhero-whatever movies, Shelly and I saw "Hero". Cool film.
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I saw Hero at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Great use of colour. It's one of those films, like Shawshank Redemption, that you can only really watch once though (when you find out what the guy wrote).

We actually had one of the set artists talk about the film afterwards. He must have insulted everyone from woman to homosexuals to other directors (Ang Lee especially)...

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I still can't believe George Lucas made Greedo shoot first. I can abide by the rest of the changes, but... Greedo's an idiot! No way would he have gotten a shot off before Han Solo. And the way they make Han look like he jerks to the side or something... so lame.

I've seen Hero as well. As __Daedalus__ says, the use of color was phenomenal, as was the story of course. And I had no trouble watching it twice. It's freakin amazing.

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Well Hero was definately a good choice. I really liked that one.

Pat and I saw Ghost In The Shell 2 last night. Depending on your feelings about such things it's either the most pretentious film ever made or very good. Pat and I fall into the latter camp.

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I remember seeing GitS 1 a buncha years ago. As I recall, I had very little idea what was going on, but it was quite pretty to look at. I think that one's gonna wait for video.

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