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I Can Haul A Bunch of Lumber...

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In My CAR.

Yes, the Truck is still kaput, but I had to buy lumber to build a Deck. What to do?

Simple. I removed all but the driver's seat from my car (simple application of a 1/2" socket), went to Menard's and loaded up.

I actually managed to fit the following in to a 1993 Dodge Spirit:

5-2"x6"x10' Treated
24-2"x6"x8' Treated
3-4"x4"x8' Treated
15-deck piers(approx 8"x8"x8", made of concrete)

The guy who checks you out at the gate was impressed with my ability to load up this much stuff into a little car. He then told me I needed a Truck.

Today is The Day. My Deck will come to be. That is, after church.
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You're going to finish a deck in one day!? What ever happened to that good engineer's work ethic: "If it takes a day, tell them it'll take a week. That way, when you finish early, you'll be a miracle worker!" (with a Scottish accent) [wink]

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Our local Lowes rents delivery trucks pretty cheaply. They've got a bigass flatbed truck that you can rent for 45 minutes for about $20.

45 minutes ain't too long, but it's long enough to make one or two trips.

Anyway, good luck on the deck.

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I get the feeling that this deck has been a long time in coming? Send us pics when you're done so we can praise/point and laugh

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Actually, John, the closest Lowe's to me is in Lake in the Hills, IL (the same town I work in). It is about 30 miles from my house and would take about 45 minutes just to get there. However, the Menard's is just on the outskirts of Kenosha, and only takes 25 minutes to get to. Had I been really stuck, I would have called my dad, as he has a truck that actually works, and is currently between jobs(job market is awful around here).

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