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Deck Status Update

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The Deck is not completely finished, as I had hoped.

For those following this saga, here are the plans for the deck I am building.

I got the piers placed, the posts cut, the frame put together and attached to the posts. I also was able to get 6(of 22) of the surface boards attached. The rest of the surface boards are laying in place, and I'll be doing a few each evening, and I should have this thing done by next weekend.

The first thing I am going to do once I have driven the last deck screw in is get a chair, sit on my deck, and drink a beer.

Progress has gone well. One of the 2"x6"x10' was severely warped by sitting outside overnight on the ground, so I put that one in the middle.
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Make sure it is well painted. We had some crap paint bought when we redid our deck three years ago; it blew itself apart during the winter and we had to sand off the paint and re-paint it again the following summer.

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Hey that's pretty neat with the piers and all. A nice, simple deck. Cool.

I like the chair and beer plan. Celebration is good.

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If you're gonna go the Thompson's Water Sealer route, get yourself one of those pump bug-sprayers and a paint roller with a stick. TWS is as thin as water, so you can just spray it down and then roll it with the roller so it doesn't get uneven. It's pretty easy to do that way, as you don't even have to bend over.

Also, TWS is basically a wax in a solvent suspension, so don't get it on anything you don't want impregnated with wax (side of house, clothes, dog, etc). You'll need to re-apply it every year or two, so don't feel bad about getting one of those bigass 5-gallon drums.

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