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One small step for man

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Stephen R


Okay I finally got down to the footstep rendering code. I'd say its about half done, so hopefully I should have the footstep rendering code done tomorrow. Then its just a few seconds to incorperate that feature into the scripting engine and I can move onto the next effect on my todo list. I'm looking forward to releasing this demo. Its the most complicated graphical app I've ever made and hopefully it'll be enjoyable too.

I did a trial run to see how long it would take me to set up a free e-mail, web hosting and .tk site. In under 30 minutes I was set up. I doubt that I'll be using it, but its nice to know that I have a little internet spit bucket incase I want to do some mad ravings.

[begin rant]

They should really make it harder to make a web site though. Or at least make you pass a basic spelling / grammar test. I know I'm not the best speller but some of the sites out there are brain meltingly bad, like this. If people had to work to put up a web page the over all quality would rise greatly. If I wanted to read bastardized english I'd hang around school.

[end rant]

Not much of a rant, but not much of anything else either.
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