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Very bad

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Jeanne came and went, and for the first time in a hurricane, I did not lose power. So come Friday or Saturday night (or both), I will be celebrating my lack of power outages. A really sad thing is that today when I got into work, I noticed on my whiteboard outside my office that everyone had started a betting pool over how long I would be without electricity (I left early Friday, and I've had the worst luck with the electricity out of everyone there). The times ranged everywhere from 12 hours, which someone actually bet on, to "2 days before the next hurricane", which had the most bets. Of course, they didn't have secret option "never".

Anyway, the title of this entry is "Very bad", and that's because I've done something I shouldn't have done: I bought Madden 2005 and The Sims 2. For anyone that knows my Madden addiction, they should know that I now only have 23 hours in the day. The remaining hour is spent on Madden. I have to limit myself to that one hour or things get out of hand. And it's bad. Very bad.

The Sims 2 is more of a novelty that I'm going to try to not get sucked into. I just really want to check it out and play maybe one Sim life. Hopefully I don't get sucked into that as well. I have too many important things to take care of right now. [smile]

Having said that, tonight is a night off for me, so I'm going to get my 1 hour of Madden in while I can.
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My sister bought The Sims 2. I'm so amazed at the restraint I've shown in not playing it. Okay, I did spend one 6 hour stretch designing this huge-ass community center for my Sims that takes 15 minutes to load, but that's the worst of it... so far. Good luck with Madden, I'm sure we all have this problem with one game or another...

Hi, my name is Drew, and I'm a Sims 2 addict...

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