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I feel so horrible

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For once, I actually felt bad about something I did.

So I'm sitting in the toilet, taking a shit. And this spider just runs across the bathroom and passes right in front of me, so without pondering, I just stump it.

But he tried to run away, so my slipper just hit one corner of one of it's legs. The next thing I see when I look at it, there's a leg sticking on the floor, stumped obviously, and the small leg musle is attached to it. The spider tried to pull himself out of this and run away with its life, so you can see trails of the guts and the liquid from the spider's inside from the leg to where the spider is crawling, and it's guts just keep spewing out and making a trails on the floor. It slows down as it goes further, maybe it got about 10 inches away from the impact site where it finally gave in and couldn't flee anymore.

I'm not surprised that it couldn't move given how much of his internal body stuff (whatever it has inside) has been spilled out in his way to run for his life. I felt so terrible for the creature struggling for his like like that. That must have been very painful, so I decided to free him from the pain and I squeeshed it with the piece of toilet paper that I was wiping my ass with (no, didn't get any shit stains on the floor, I made sure it's a corner of the square) and flushed it down the toilet.

Spider, R.I.P. with guts all over the toilet.
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Spider == Pwnt.

I hate spiders. Hell, I hate the entire arthropoda phylum. They just freak me out so much.

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This kind of story is why the internet was created. Tell us more of your arachnid-killing adventures, Pouya the Spiderbane.

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