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finished first part

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Yesterday evening I've finished the first part of the TBS engine, the entity management.

I've decided to make a difference between the entities and the templates that are used to generate those entities. The reason was the difficulty that could arise when you add a template by inadvertance to the entity stack.

I've also implemented Template- and Entitylists. I've done this because I needed an easy way to iterate the search through the entities. An easy example would be that you get all buildings as an entitylist from the entity manager. You then search within that list all building that are able to produce energy. You'll then get an entitylist from the entitylist. This makes searching for a given entity quite simple. The same thing applies for the template list.

I've also implement the categorized management of the entities and templates. This reduces the number of entities that have to be iterated when searching for a given type or parameter.

Soooo... I've now finished the V1 of the command machine and V1 of the entity manager. With this base I could implement a first game if I would implement the ruleset within the game. Because I don't want to do this, the next step is to think of a way of how to include the rule set into the TBS engine. A big part of the rule set can be done through the command machine (ie. moving an entity, attack, defend, etc).
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