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It's not frikin Tuesday yet, dammit!!

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Argh. It really annoys me that this post will be recorded as taking place on Tuesday, September 28th. As far as I'm concerned, it's still Monday, September 27th. So there. This journal entry is hereby decalared to be entered on 9/27/04. I mean, if I were to convert EST to DST (Drew Standard Time), it would only be 9:30pm!! Geeeez.

So I completed a new build of our game Galaxy Conquest today. Yippeee. I woulda had it done over the weekend had my stupid laptop screen not cracked. Blast it all. But it only set me back a day or two thankfully. However PCNation still hasn't shipped my new monitor, and for some reason the link to check my order status isn't working like it was yesterday. Argh!!

It's also Monday (not Tuesday!) and so out went another issue of GDNet Direct. I ran out of things to say in the editorial, so now Dave and Kevin and whomever else on the staff that wants to blab can have their chance. Am I a nice guy or what?

Hopefully I can get off from coaching Wed in order to make rehearsal at Six Flags. I'm doing the Haunted Hayride in addition to the Batman show now. Somthing about getting yanked off the hayride while it's moving. Not a clue about the details but it sounds like fun. Hell I'll jump off of anything.

The cast has also decided (well, most of us anyways) that we're definetly going paintballing again at least once this coming month. Huzzah!!

So yea... I guess I'm kinda done for the night. Hm. I'm pretty hungry. I think I'll make myself up a salad and read a book until bed time (6am). Then I can fall asleep in anticipation of being woken up via WinAmp and my new Logitech Z-2200 2.1 200-watt speakers cranked the f**k up. Ahhhhh..... nuthin like wall-shaking bass in the morning!!
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