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Totally Annihilated

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I took a break from coding and other such creative fun-uhm-ness to dust off my old Total Annihilation discs again. Oh yes, I installed this all-time-classic RTS game and decided to give it another bash. I installed the Absolute Annihilation pack and set to work on a Skirmish, me against 2 computer components on a small map. Easy, or so I thought. I used to devastate this game on Hard skirmish mode back in its day. I used to be the master of strategy, creating a nice balanced air, ground and sea units to devastate the enemy's forces. It came a suprise to me when I ended up limping home and crying like a girl when the computer obliterated my forces after taking out the other player. Cranking an advanced radar tower revealed that they had units on about 70% of the entire map. I was gonna die, oh yes, and I did. Still, it was fun all the same. I think I'll have another blast. I've never had so much fun with a game as this one (ok perhaps Monkey Island and Gravity Power on the Amiga).

Can you hear the Berthas singing?

Mmmm, nice.
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