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Race to the end of the year

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Well, so much for the "EPIC" side scroller that was supposed to have been created this summer (circa February 2008) LOL.

But hey, I just cant let 2008 go by and only have finished a measly Breakout Clone...seriously...could I?. Jeez...I could...

I this leaves me with about three and a half months to get a little one or two level side scroller done...NO SWEAT!! :) (3 - 4 hours a night after work and little time on the weekends)

Truthfully, I haven't even looked at the code for the engine which I started on late last winter. But, getting back into that groove should be a piece of cake. The biggest hurdle in front of me right now especially with this short window of beating a December 31st deadline is mainly graphics. I need to have the graphics and char/sprite animations wrapped up fairly quickly. (Doubt it though)

If you remember my last project I kept tweaking and changing the graphics. Depending on what I want included in this side scroller I'm sure I'll be redoing a lot.

So, here we go again, one more run at another little game demo that I can post out on the GD Showcase. Heck, for my money, I need to take full advantage of membership here at GDEV :)

Anyway, it's good to be coming back to Journal Land again. I plan to stop by and check out what everyone has been up to. I'll also be sure to leave comments as usual or just say hey. And you know I'll be back to posting almost everyday until the end of the cycle :)

Hope the people who end up cruising my journal get a kick out of some of the crazy graphics I'm going to create for this game. I'm truly looking to do some silly/crazy/fun but "simple" stuff.

By the way...looks like I wont be doing XNA. My day job deals with low level debugging software which constitutes ASM/C/C++ and I honestly don't have the cycles to become fluent in C# (3.0)...yet. So I'll be sticking with the industry standard (ANSI C++) and my favorite graphics api(Direct X).

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