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Okay, more productive day ... completed!

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So, remember how I said the next conquest would be to move all the player data to a .bola file? Done and done. I haven't finished adding the bounding box data, but it's in game and animating nicely. I need to fix one or two last things with Bola and add the last of the bounding boxes (I'll be turning in early tonight, though), and then it will finally be time to make some new animations. This was the purpose Bola was designed to help facilitate, so we'll see how that goes. Starting tomorrow.

Speaking of Blender models and animating, here's the new model I mentioned last entry ...

That's right, folks; my first transforming Transformer! It's Slapper, from Robots in Disguise. I picked him for a few reasons. First, his is a fairly simple transformation which looks more impressive than it really is. Secondly, Transmetal 2 models like this have quite a few varying textures (some metallic, some organic) which I think will look great in a rendering once I start adding detail. He's missing his lower arms and legs right now (they don't interact with any other body parts, so I'm not concerned with them right now) but at least he does transform. The model's not quite perfect, but it's pretty close.

Obviously missing a lot of detail, but the basic design and layout is there. And transforming. Did I mention that?

I got in touch with the guy I sent my article to. He apparently either forgot to confirm he got it, or did and I never got the e-mail. So that's good there. He could still run off with it, but I have faith the deal is still good. My article is being translated now (it'll run in four languages) and will see print in about a month. So it's time to play the waiting game.


Aw, the waiting game sucks. Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos!
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Hang in there with the waiting.. :)

P.s. That transformer design is not very traditional to the transformers I knew.

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The "traditional" design didn't work out so great. The toys ranged from "okay" to "butt ugly" when compared to their cartoon counterparts in the original series. Swindle is still the worst looking robot toy ever:

Shoulders located at elbows. Great. Needless to say, he looks much better in the cartoon/comic:

Lots of earlier Transformers suffer from these problems (though thankfully not most). Nowadays, especially during Beast Wars, toys look a lot closer to the version on the show:

Anyway ...

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