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Graphic engine enhancement

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Yesterday I wasn't in the mood for working on the TBS engine. Instead I implemented the vertex- and pixelshader caching for my engine. I didn't have that yet since I didn't use any programmed shaders yet. I've also implemented the shader loading in my base engine class and the loading in the renderdesc class.

Everything is ready now for the first tests but I don't think that I can do it in the next couple of days.

I think that I will spend some time to improve my renderdesc class a bit more. The renderdesc class is somewhat the equivalent to the DX effect files but in xml. All the render- and texture states can be set through the xml. Multipass and variables are supported also.

A feature I will include is to set "time" as a variable value to include ie. automatic texture transformations.

Another feature would be to directly name a texture within the xml instead of passing textures through a variable. This will enable me to "overload" a mesh's texture with the ones set within the renderdesc.

I have to do those features because I need them in one of my future projects.
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K I'm lost and too lazy to read back through to find out. What the heck is the TBS engine??

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The TBS engine is also known as the "Turn Based Strategy engine". It's an attempt to create an database engine that allows to quickly create new TBS games by simply exchanging the datafiles without altering the source code of the game itself.

You could replace the 3020 sci-fi scenery by a 1930 scenery by replacing the unit configuration and the graphic sets and have a completely new turn based strategy game.

The TBS engine is completely seperated from the display (graphics/UI) so that it will be possible to have dedicated strategy game servers. Therefor the engine will contain the network part of the games. The client itself will not recognize wether it plays online or against AI players.

Currently I'm focusing on the database itself which is in a state where you can define templates for entities which can be placed on the game field. The entity management itself is done, too.

The next step is the link to the rule set (scripts and/or DLLs containing the rules for attack, defend, movement, etc).

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