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Day off

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Ahhh... since I managed to get my game build done on Monday, I was able to take today off to do whatever the hell I wanted, so long as it didn't involve programming. Okay, I admit I did open VC++ to start reworking my log system, but it was only a momentary weakness, and I didn't actually write any code, so I'm safe. *phew*

And of course, by today I mean TUESDAY and not WEDNESDAY. ARRRRGH this is going to drive me crazy to no end!

So like all Tuesdays I spent the nite hangin with some fellow coaches, bouncin some tramp... We even had some entertainment. One of the normal guys that came to workout was doing backflips on the tramp and kept landing on his head all nasty. Good lord he was a crazy bastard. It was so funny to watch and then jump and scream and run around in terror that he might have broke his neck, that I or none of the other coaches wanted to teach him how to do it right (well cept one, who only made him worse - tho not on purpose, he just thinks he knows what he's doing). Yea we're mean bastards I know. I'll teach him the proper way to flip next week tho. Promise.

After that we hit up Denny's as always. All the waitresses know us there now, and we get mad discounts on our food. I only had to pay 4 bucks (including tip) for a huge ass garden salad and a milkshake. Mmmmm Denny's....
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