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Tales from the front line: I

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29th September 2087

Two of the other armies decided to engage in a minor skirmish at the start of the war. I didn't see the battle, but I felt the tremors and saw the flickers on my long-range radar. Surely they wouldn't be foolish enough to launch an attack on me at the same time. It'll be a good idea to reposition my forces to face the unknown dangers of the West. I'm going for strength over technology, reconditioning my army and filling in the gaps. There will be time for flair later on.

News just arrived from the South, the Green Core forces have been obliterated. Looks like the skirmish wasn't so minor afterall. Sensing the White Arm forces will have been weakend I prepare my footsoldiers and artilery for a suprise attack. The last thing they'll be expecting is a swift attack through their weakened frontier.

The Arm commander never even stood a chance as my tanks and infantry broke through their pathetic defenses. Just as I thought, their numbers were severely weakened after their victory over the Core. The Arm commander came crashing to the ground in defeat amongst the smoking wreckage that resulted from their now-hollow victory.

On the home front, fortifications are progressing nicely. A few Red Core scout planes were shot down only minutes ago. It looks like they're scoping out my base for an attack. The attack came some 5 minutes later, a pathetic trickle of light tanks interspersed with some pretty nice units. My infantry took them down fast, taking only minor losses. They'll be back, they always are.
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Hmmm, sounds like one of my journal entries that was incidentially posted before yours [lol]

Total Aniallation (screw the sp) sounds like a good game. Too bad I'm hooked on Rise of Nations and BF1942. [wink]

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