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Stephen R


I had intended to post last night, I really did. But for some reason GD was acting up on me. I'd log in and then when I'd go to add the entry it would ask me to log in again. Needless to say I was very pissed.

Not much happened yesterday on a coding front though I did do a fair amount of other things. I've taken up badminton again. I used to play it a few years ago but I gave it up. Now I'm playing with the adults and its a totally different game. Some of the people there are blisteringly fast, it'll be along time before I'll be up to beating them. So a fair portion of my time on tuesdays is going to be taken up by this from now on.

I've also gotten back down to learning japanese. I'd been teaching myself it before but now I'm getting down to it seriously. I'm working my way through this site. It for kids but the japanese is just right for me. I'm able to work it out but its not too simple. Once I get used to reading the hiragana I should be able to work through the site faster.

On a coding front I need to find some way of making a bmp with a full 8bit alpha channel. At the moment I'm just loading in the standard X8R8G8B8 bmp and using a color key. I need different parts of the texture to have varying degrees of transparency. I'll have to ask someone who knows art programs because the most advanced art program I can use well is MS Paint.
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I tried learning Japanese before I went to Japan 5 years ago. I was too lazy tho. I came away with the usual common phrases, plus the ones I already knew from my grandmother, who's 100% Japanese. Of course once I got over there I realized enough people spoke english that I could get along. That just plain wrecked my motivation :P. Good luck with your studies.

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