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Blocky Gear?!

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Well I've managed to fix quite a few of the major bugs that were in the game. Trash cans no longer inexplicably hit invisible walls after being thrown, and characters no longer have strange drawing errors when holding objects.

The other thing I've been doing is working on the level format:

Now I can pass as many background images to the background object as I want, and it will string them together into a single level. Enemies don't activate until they appear on screen. Of course, now I have to split the level into sections, with the player having to beat a certain amount of enemies before progressing. This also means making sure enemies don't go to an area the player has passed in order to search for objects to throw.
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I'm with rip-off on this one... I mean what's next? DRM packaged game from Stompy!?!?


All jokes aside, I noticed you have quite a lot of fuzziness in your sprite. I had the same problem and found that using TGA files instead of PNGs (or whatever you're using right now) reduced most of it. I'm assuming that you're doing rotations through XNA and that your falling-dude isn't a rotation done in photoshop.

Man... I don't know why but I really feel like playing a tactical game right now.

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Well, I had the idea to put funny billboards in the background of the level, and I thought it would be really funny to have a Blocky Man parody of the MGS4 cover as one of them. Get ready though, I'm planning the next level to be set in a shopping mall.

The fuzziness on the head of the enemy is from when I rotated the sprite in Paint.NET. The body itself is rotated in XNA(the hit sprite rotated about 45 degrees), while the head was rotated using Paint.NET.

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