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Entry #9

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!!!
    Women are invariably attracted to me. It might be the long hair, the beard, the intellectual cunning, but they are all attracted to me. However, roughly 15 minutes into the opening conversation, I become assigned as a "friend" (refer to ladder theory). Why? I'm the Mayor of the Friend Zone! So even though I may never get lucky, I can hook you up! Oh Yeah! How sad is that?!

Last night was the first of a (hopeful) weekly GD Battlefield 1942 game. The server, Gamespy Arena: Coral Sea 24 was empty when I entered, but filled up with people. No one from GD showed up, of course, but I at least had a good time.

If you want to join the next meeting, it will be on Tuesday evenings (EST; GMT-0500); USE A "GD_" PREFIX OR USE YOUR GDNET USERNAME IF YOU WANT YOUR SCORE TALLIED! The winner of the eve is the person who KO's (not TKO!) me, Mushu, the most. I will *always* play japanese, and am usually an engineer on the carrier, manning *all* the AA guns. [lol]

See you all next Tuesday! I'll put up an advisory post on monday so everyone knows!
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