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continuing last night

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*picks up where he left last night*

Oki I've fixed the uninstall buggs. Assigning 0 to a std::string equals Kablaam!(TM)

Fixed the homepage thingie, navigations links looks nicer now.

Soo what's left of the installer?..
? Check uninstall dialogs, to many? (I'll let the betatesting decide)
? Use the modern GUI design. (decided to can that)
? Add custom graphics. (without the modern GUI design I can only have a icon, have to make one)

Learning shitload on NSIS to see if I can replace ExtractorManager.exe (my plug in config app made in C#.NET) with a NSIS app. Cool as hell since it'll enable me to create patches and make a "check for latest plug-in's" =D|<

Off to bed! *zoom*
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