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Stephen R


I didn't do any coding today. I have to learn just to stop procrastinating and get down to work. Tomorrow I'm going to just
programm. I'll be nice and enthused because tomorrow is when me and the artist meet up to decide what we're going to do over the coming week.

I like what Seriema did in his journal with the running todo list, updating the post as things get done. I might steal that idea. I'll put my todo list up in these posts for the next while, but I think I'll add a todo list feature to my website so I can have a true running todo list. My website runs on access dbases. They aren't fast but they are the only dbs supported by my host so I guess I'm stuck. I'll just pop an extra table into the db, rig up an asp page or two (I prefer php to asp but I started the site with asp so I'll stick with it) to view / edit the list and then I'll pop a link to it up in my banner. Theres nothing like having a visible representation of everything you've done and are going to do.

I'm not quite sure what I have to do apart from what I'm currently working on now, the footstep, so I'll gather together my tasks and pop the list up here tomorrow. There's going to be a lot because we've planned about five or six totally seperate scenes and each one will consist of many little jobs. This first scenes must have consisted of at least twenty, not including the once-off demo code like the music and the timer system.
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