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Console and First/Third person shooters

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I've hit upon a problem with the old third/first person shooter games on a console; they cause my brain to explode. Let me explain...

When I play FPS games on the PC I of course use the old keyboard and mouse combo and in doing so I'm one of those freakish people who has an inverted Y-axis.

Now I pick up a controller for a console to play something and because it's a controller up on the right stick = up on the screen. All ok so far and I can play shoot'em up type games with no problem.

Now comes the FPS/TPS games and the problems start. I'm ok(ish) looking about in these games if I really think about it, but as soon as I try to relax a bit my brain seems to get very confused; the FPS part of my brain expects 'up' to make me look down, however the console control part of my brain expects 'up' to move things upwards, apprently including my view. The net result is that I'm not sure wtf is going on [grin]

It's to the point where playing the Fracture demo the first time I had to turn inverted-Y off and the second time I had to have it on. And forget something like Bioshock.

Granted, I'm still not great at aimming, I'm too used to the precision of movement the mouse gives you and combine that lack of precision with my brain confusion above and it makes these games very annoying.

Mass Effect was about the only game I've got on with, and that was because it was slower. Fracture and Gears for example just caused... well, 'panic' in high pressure situations screwing my aim and movement totally.

The net result is that, despite it being released today, I've not got a copy of deadspace. I was tempted to get it on the PC but I'm as yet to check out the patch situation with it and don't fancy buying a broken game.

It's annoying as I'd like to play these games but until I get my brain trained it's nothing but an exercise in frustration for me [sad]
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