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Wow Im actually enjoying playing my game :)

I still havent come up with a title yet
'the hardest game ever written'

cause, man its F'ing difficult, The most ive scored from ~100 attempts is ~60% complete

+ I cant put my finger on why its so difficult, every game always seems so easy at the start, and with the weapons u have eg a minigun firing 20bullets a second it should be easier than it is.
but Ive found
A/ u make a mistake
B/ u start to panic
C/ the enemy overwhelms u

Ive gotta make it easier somehow, Ive reincreased the playingfield to 128x128meters which is easier (greater diastance to pick the enemy off from), perhaps I need to stick some powerups in the game
eg invisability, megadamage,jetpack etc this should help the player.
perhaps also let the player regenrate his health over time

well back to playing it

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Nothing wrong with having a difficult game. I'm personally a bit cheesed with how game developers feel they have to hold the player's hand nowadays. Maybe just put in an easy mode for training or something?

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yes part of the appeal to me is cause its so hard, but at the same time feeling like it should be easy (hmm doesnt make sense), gets me going this time Ill do it.

anyways Ive added some more temporary powerups
eg invulnerability, time suspension
as well as letting the player regenerate health over time + a few more tweaks has made it easier ( I still havent passed a level yet :) )

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