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Uninitilized pointer worked for weeks!

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Today has started out as a typical day of programming. After making some modifications to the code to fix some warnings and split the code into smaller routines, I rebuild and test.

invalid instruction!

Okay I thought. Ill just undo the changes and try it again:

general protection fault!

Eek! At this point I was having no idea what was going on. The code worked fine for weeks without any problems; what can cause this to happen now? I decided to go back even further to see if it was any of the newer code:

invalid instruction!

*ugh*. After going through my code, I found out I was working with a pointer that was never initialized. The system uses a single singleton class called core that provides a basic set of routines that need to be used across all other classes. Thus everything uses it. All of them obtain the pointer from this routine:
core* core::get () {

return m_core;

Keep in mind that this is self hosted running in ring 0. And all classes are using m_core to print strings, call bios interrupts, and more...and it worked fine for weeks until now.

The fix for it was simple--just have m_core point to a known valid address. Not having a memory manager nor wanting to point to specific locations in memory, I decided to have the compilier do it:
core* core::get () {

if (!m_core) {
static core pkCore;
m_core = &pkCore;

return m_core;

After this change everything seems to be working fine now.

I have no clue of how this managed to work before just fine (even on raw hardware) without any problems :/ I am glad the problem turned up now though before it became a bigger issue!

If anyone knows how it managed to work for weeks ill give you a free cookie [wink]
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