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Newsletter #6 - Mibbit and a New Section

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We have added a new section to the newsletter entitled "Community Spotlight". This section is written by members of our community and will discuss current topics and events.

And while we are on the subject of sections, the Dev Demo Report has been removed until development on Loradon 3.0 resumes. We are expecting this to happen sometime next month (who knew a simple chess game could take so long to create).

The IfThen Software forums have been upgraded with an IRC client at the top of the main page. More information can be found in the community spotlight section.

From the Programmer
Written by Invisible

If you read last week's newsletter, you'll know that I was planning on upgrading the memory management system further by combining the custom safe pointer class I wrote with a central memory management class. It turned into more of a project then I was originally expecting, but ended up working correctly. I plan to make a small tweak to the memory management system, and hopefully I can get back to finishing the chess game with no more hiccups.

Community Spotlight
Written by Lee and Ace

As you may already know, from the newsletter two weeks ago, the Stick Adventures Online forum has been merged with the Loradon Online forum. As it was the SAO community which had to move to a new forum, some of the SAO members (Including me :P) have taken a while to get adjusted to the new forum. Merging the two forums, however, has allowed both the Loradon Online and SAO communities to merge together and get to know each other. Previously, this was only possible via IfThen Software's IRC channel. Both of the communities seem to have adjusted well to the forum merge, and are starting to get to know each other.

Another step towards allowing the community to interact and socialize easier is the implementation of an IRC client in the forums. The IRC client is embedded within the index of the forum, and allows members of the community to easily connect and start chatting amongst each other. The IRC client used is known as Mibbit and is easily accessible by anyone using the forum. This chat also allows people who may not wish to register to the forums or download an IRC client to casually chat, or contact Administrators and Moderators with inquiries about any of IfThen Software's games.
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