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Escape II Todo

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Demo 1 todo

DONE: Player should not be able to enter teleport destination until he has stepped off it first.

* In progress: Level intermission screen [80%]
* 3 Demo levels
* ???

Done and non-critical tasks:
(since I am no longer including AI in Demo 1)

* Base AI
** DONE: Create enemy class hierarchy for ease of programming
** DONE: Start implementing editor ability to place different enemies.
** DONE: Create 2 types of enemies (how about sniper and shotgun)
*** - DONE: shot effect
*** - DONE: laser and shot needs to appear from the correct spot
*** - DONE: increase dot size, decrease tail size
*** - DONE: sniper reload animation
*** - DONE: be able to take damage and die
*** - DONE: death graphics for both types
** Have these spawn from the spawner (correctly) - still need clip check
** DONE: Collision detection (swept box)
** Walk toward waypoints and move around obstacles if possible
** Idle behavior
** transitions between attack/idle - criteria for this, spreading calculation over time, even if it's basic, it should be enough for now
** each frame locate closest player vis node
** try to prioritize finding closest vis node to enemy to adjacent nodes from last vis node
** vis check/trace idea I just had.

* Combat stuff -
** - DONE: hitscan gun
** - DONE: damage
** - DONE: damage indicator effect
** - DONE: thrust for getting hit by lasers, etc...

* DONE: Player death
* DONE: Exit point starting intermissions
* DONE: Disable Options button
* DONE: Basic credits screen (don't forget David)
* DONE: How to Play screen

* Text based map saving - doesn't need to be done for demo 1 but should be included before map making after that point
Path nodes
* Graph search algorithms
** DONE: A* Search table
** Some kind of look-ahead ... I.E. A->B->C->D, at A, but can see part of path between B and C, so head toward that
* DONE: Need to save and load shortest_path table

* Base AI
** waypoints between nodes

Laser - yes
Machine gun - yes
Shotgun - yes
Sniper - yes
Rocket - yes
small fast moving hover bot that probably shoots or explodes - yes
Grenade - likely
Engineer - maybe
Flamethrower - maybe

- just various scenery
- This needs to be implemented.
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