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Video :-)

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I have read about this screen capture software called CamStudio in a few posts here at journal land. I thought it looked interesting after seeing a video by EasilyConfused and his pod game. So I decided to have a go at it =) I have made a recording while using the isometric editor, I create a table and a light.

Still tinkering with the save and load routines... development is going forward in full turtle speed. [smile]

Video link
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CamStudio Rocks! I've been using it for awhile now :)

My Suggestion: Record using the "MS-CRAM" Codec (Comes with CamStudio) , then RAR it using WinRAR with Maximum Compression.


With normal recording, you can get up to a 99.5% compression ratio (That's several hundred MB -> < 2MB)

Really helps for sharing Vids! :D


- Reelix

- Edit -

96MB is W A Y 2 much for slow lines :/

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