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To The World Tree: Download Statistics

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So, I released the first version of "To The World Tree" (http://www.prankster.com/ttwt) about a year ago. I initially announced it on a few websites, and entered it in the Independent Games Festival (http://www.igf.com). Since then I haven't really done much with it (though I did make a few new versions in late 2007 and early 2008).

There are some posts about download statistics in my old blog (http://www.prankster.com/ttwt/blog.htm). But since that's really defunct, I'll just go month by month. The old:

  • October 2007 - 339

  • November 2007 - 834

  • December 2007 - 264

  • January 2008 - 40


February 2008
114 0.32% 290312 32.22% /ttwt/version5/InstallTTWT_2008_02_13.exe
11 0.03% 52305 5.81% /ttwt/ttwt_2007_11_30.zip

March 2008
153 0.34% 549769 42.81% /ttwt/version5/InstallTTWT_2008_02_13.exe

April 2008
31 0.08% 106637 15.11% /ttwt/version5/InstallTTWT_2008_02_13.exe

May 2008
30 0.05% 68457 6.84% /ttwt/version5/InstallTTWT_2008_02_13.exe

June 2008
11 0.03% 42726 6.74% /ttwt/version5/InstallTTWT_2008_02_13.exe

July 2008
18 0.06% 85951 15.76% /ttwt/version5/InstallTTWT_2008_02_13.exe
9 0.03% 40738 7.47% /ttwt/ttwt_2007_11_30.zip

August 2008
38 0.12% 112886 16.42% /ttwt/version5/InstallTTWT_2008_02_13.exe

September 2008
13 0.05% 65947 10.18% /ttwt/version5/InstallTTWT_2008_02_13.exe

October 2008
8 0.03% 21892 4.57% /ttwt/version5/InstallTTWT_2008_02_13.exe

So, as I'd expect for a short demo with no promotion, downloads have dropped off to near nothing. I'm not working on a new version of TTWT, so I think it's seen its moment in the sun. In fact I've changed the engine so much since TTWT that it would be a decent undertaking to get it working with the newer engine. Although it would be nice to see how it looks with the new UI (see earlier in this blog for the new UI look), I'd rather spend my time working on the complete game that I am making with the SENG engine.
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