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Stardate Negative Something

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I decided I might as well make at least a single post in my Journal since I have it.

Since I don't really have anything to say, I'll just list my current projects (meaning stuff I'm even remotely thinking about working on someday in the potential future) :

o Console Demo (for text mode demo competition)
o Extremely Moddable RTS Engine
o Use above engine for an Active Time Strategy(ATS) Game
o Iso Game/Engine (Infantry-esque, with at least boom ball, grav ball, and CTF modes)
o Tactical Shooter (Done Right(TM))
o Finish the >10 WC3 maps I've started
o GM a Good(TM) {D&D, Gurps, Hero, Mythus, ...} campaign
o Play in a Good(TM) {...} campaign all the way to the end (more than 5 session later)
o Jass Parsing & 'Emulation' (so ExtProtect can properly handle all cases)
o Game System Hardware - Something like an NES or SNES, maybe even a hardware emulator (Using FPGA)
o A One-Instruction CPU (using FPGA)
o Genetic Programming System (System-Exploring, so I can feed it rules and get out patents =-)
o Create an anonymous forum where people are accountable only to the mods
o Create a website like GameDev.net for engineering + mathematics in general
o And Many Other Things(TM)

And stuff I'm working on learning(meaning that I've considered learning it and have taken at least a single step towards doing so, like googling the subject) :

o Electronics
o Hardware Design (in VHDL or simmilar language)
o Compiler Theory
o Common Lisp
o Artificial Intelligence (no, GA and NN are not everything)
o Software Design
o Game Programming
o Signal Processing (Image & Audio mainly)
o Lambda Calculus
o Reverse Engineering
o Microbiology
o Latin
o Composing Music
o Higher Math (way past calculus and differential equations and such)
o And Many Other Things(TM)
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Original post by Gaiiden
There's something wrong with you [looksaround]
Of course. Otherwise I couldn't be in the Mad Engineer™ Club =-)

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typedef unsigned long BIGNUMBER;	// Replace unsigned long with Arbitrary Precision Types to support Large Numbers

typedef BIGNUMBER POSITION; // Factorial value, Needs bigger types !!
typedef unsigned long SYMBOLINDEX; // Number of symbols can not exceed the maximum unsigned long number

typedef std::vector<SYMBOLINDEX> SYMBVECTOR;

static const BIGNUMBER& Factorial(long lNumber)

static const BIGNUMBER& Factorial(long lNumber)
if(lNumber <= 1) return m_FactArray[0];

if(lNumber >= (long)m_FactArray.size())
static BIGNUMBER Product;
Product = m_FactArray[m_FactArray.size() - 1];
for(long l = (long)m_FactArray.size(); l <= lNumber; ++l)
Product *= l;

return m_FactArray[lNumber];

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