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Not a very good day

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Grr. Hate my job. Just been sending out applications for another one. Fed up with working 45-50 hours a week for the price of 40 and still getting treated like I'm not doing enough. Soon as I can find another job for the same or better salary, I'm off, recession or no damn recession.

Pod-wise, bit stuck for where to go next, so I've decided the next job is to tidy up the existing codebase a bit. There's quite a lot of stuff that is currently hard-coded that really needs to be tweaked out into config files such as the behaviour of different particle systems, daft things like the offsets for the eye sprites, things like that.

After that, I really need to crack on with a GUI so I can start to put an options screen together. Not going to be anything too clever, but needs to be graphically in keeping with the general cartoony style of this game.

I keep thinking about how to do moving platforms, but it's tricky. I really need to get a working game together before I start messing about with the really horrendous stuff like that, so I at least have something that is fun to play before I start breaking it by getting complicated.
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Firebrand games is looking for programmers if you don't mind moving to Glasgow (Or commuting)...

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Original post by Evil Steve
Firebrand games is looking for programmers if you don't mind moving to Glasgow (Or commuting)...

Man, I'd love to, but I'm right out on the east coast of Anglia and can't really relocate due to my fiance. I think that commuting is a little out of the question [smile].

I appreciate the thought though.

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