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(first?) project update

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As it has been over a year since I first conceived of my current project, I suppose it is time to lay out a proper description here.

To Whatever End: Combat on the Eastern Front 43-45

In a brief moment of insanity, I came up with the term T.P.R.P.R.T.T.S.G. (third-person-role-playing-real-time-tactical-strategy-game), which does a nice job of describing my idea for the project.
It will be a WW2 tactical combat game in which the player is one soldier caught up in a dynamic campaign fought between two unique strategic AIs.

1. Use accurate weapon ranges, penetration, and damage modeling to provide a realistic WW2 combined arms combat experience.
2. battles will be fought in real-time on large maps, with strategic decisions being made in between map transitions .
3. Add RPS-lite elements such as experience and leadership bonuses.
4. Include a large number of historically accurate weapons and units
5. Use historical data to create proper unit listings, historically accurate markings.

The "game board" currently consists of 200 maps. Each map is 5 square miles. There is no real limit to how many maps are used, as most will be terrain and will be generated when a campaign is started.

I have created some low-detail models so that I can work on AI, and map placement.

description of your image
This is a "Wespe" mobile howitzer that will probably be fairly common in German battlegroups. The model is about 60% finished, I applied the camo to get some practice with texturing.

description of your image This Kubelwagon is one of the first models that I made for the project.

description of your image Here's a Kar98k model. It's fairly low-poly, but the game is generally played at a perspective similar to Company of Heroes, and high levels of detail really aren't neccesary.

I am currently working on several things at once:
1. low level decision making for both the German and Soviet strategic AI
2. low level tactical AI for German soldiers
3. particle systems that show bullet impact (blood, sparks, splinters)

Several older videos can been seen on my website:

I have also been working on explosion effects, so stay tuned for more!

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