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Ive been playtesting a bit, making it easier

A/ decreased the cameras distance to 2meters behind the player (makes aiming more accurate) and also raised the topdown camera to a higher distance

B/ implemented greater explosions for when the player destroys a rock, like whats just happened in the screenshot below, players just shot it + it explodes taking out the surrounding ~50 enemy, OK this is totally unrealistic but hey! sue me

C/ about the enemy, at the moment theyre just collection of blocks, hittests are accurate eg u can shoot the calf to delay the enemies speed, which is nice, I also had the idea where the enemy would fall to pieces when u shoot them eg u could blow off the arm + have the blocks lying there on the ground.

but Im not 100% sure about having this in the final game, perhaps Ill switch to the more usual proper models which will visually look better

D/ Ive decreased the difficulty a bit + now it is possible to gain 90% of the territory

All in all its shaping up nicely
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