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Weekly Sitrep

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1000 Facebook Fans!!

Ok so really the current count is 993 but... so close!! Great show of support from the various community members and we thank you for it. If you haven't become a fan yet, here's the page. Spread the word and let's keep it growing past 1K!

4E6 Contest Results

So yea, a bit of a FUBAR'd 4E6 this time around I'm afraid to admit. Usually I don't help out with these contests but since becoming involved with judging the GI challenges, I decided to lend a hand judging this time around. Turns out I was the only one who ended up judging anything and I admit I sort of trailed off after a while expecting the more usual suspects like superpig and johnhattan to handle the majority of it. But when nothing else got judged I came back and finished off the rest of the pack. The winner is Assault on planet Equidon

Obviously no more 4E until we can properly dedicate the staff to running it :-/ My apologies to all the contestants on behalf of the staff for the lack of prompt judging.

Content Woes

Had a few technical issues lately, one stopped me from being able to get up last Thursday's Sweet Snippet, which finally got up on Saturday. I had expected to be able to post coverage of the Pecha Kucha night from last week but the video from the event is still not in my hands. We're churning through a lot of content on the back-end though, I'm running the review board editors ragged with the number of articles we have had submitted in the last month or two. So stay tuned for good stuff coming down the pike.

New Resources

  • Stringizing C++ Enums - A simple method to convert a C++ enumeration to its equivalent string representation and vice versa. It's easy to use and flexible enough for most situations, making it useful for both, beginners as well as more advanced programmers

  • Art for Flash Games - Rob James, game artist responsible for games like Robo Pogo through RobotJAM, talks about art for Flash games

  • Tamir Nadav - Tamir Nadav, formerly a programmer who has marked his path out as a game designer at KingsIsle, has been involved in the industry for over
    5 years with his enthusiastic networking abilities. You pretty much can't miss him with hair like that

New Events

  • LOGIN @ Seattle, WA, United States - May 11, 2009 to May 14, 2009
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I was wondering when we'd get 4E6 judging done :P Congrats to everyone who participated, I screwed around with a it a tiny bit when it started, but was pretty inexperienced at the time, and it didn't go anywhere. Maybe next time around...

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