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Microsoft's STL implementation slow? - 2

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Thanks everyone, I've received a lot of helpful comments and I was able to solve the problem.

Apparently, regardless of whether you're in release mode or not, Microsoft's vectors do some 'other' stuff in the background.

So, in order to fix this issue you have to use these pre-processor definitions:

#define _SECURE_SCL 0

I still think it's a bit silly that they assume you want iterator checking, etc on but w/e.
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Yeah, I agree. I'd far rather have it controlled by the _DEBUG define. I was under the impression that this is why we have a std::vector<>::at() method as well as an operator[].

It's also a pain if you are writing libs, since I'd assume all the different parts of a solution have to be compiled with the same flags to prevent stuff exploding.

I guess it's to do with Microsoft encouraging more security-robust code.

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