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Death to the journal.

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ATTN Drew Sikora: You don't need to mention this entry in the weekly reading section, there's nothing of real substance here - kthxbye.

So I'm jumping ship and am moving my "journal" (i.e. blog) to my own site. Eventually this journal will disappear since I've cancelled my membership. But until then if I make a post on my site about something semi-interesting, I'll post a link to it here or some junk.

I've changed the site to be less Gorgon focused since I might want to dump other crap on there (after all, I am paying for it) and I'd rather just have a single entry point to it all. I worry that this could be a little confusing, but I'll hopefully get that worked out sooner or later.

Since I'm using a blog to log the news entries about Gorgon, I'm wondering if I really have a need for forums anymore. Frankly they're a hassle because of the sheer number of spam harvesters and assholes who try and break them.
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