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Path nodes part 2

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Okay, now the path nodes properly load and save into the game and editor.

Here's a modified screenshot showing what the game would look like with a blur shader:

I definitely have to do this!

So, today, I decided to try and download Borland Turbo C++ Explorer (the new one). It took me forever to install all these ancient .NET 1.1 prerequisites, only to have the program crap out on me after it was installed. It refused to work properly at all, so I think my level editor will remain being coded in the archaic C++ Builder 5, which came out 8 years ago.
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I used to use Builder for tools development. Only reason I stopped is that my copy was bought second hand off e-bay. It is a legit copy as far as I know, but I was concerned about redistributing the VCL DLLs. So when I wanted a map editor I could redistribute, I stopped using it.

If you have a copy where you don't have these concerns, it's a perfectly okay tool for quick and dirty tool development in my view.

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Seconded. The original older versions of C++ Builder have nothing fundamentally wrong with them, and work just fine. And to be honest, I find it nicer to work with than C# or Java's GUI building tools. I only wish there was a cross-platform flavour.

Your progress is looking great. I've only recently tuned in on your progress, but I really like the sort of direction you're taking it in. (I'm also a sucker for glowy-lines. [grin]) Is there a hypothetical demo/release date?

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I wanted to switch away from BCB5 because for some reason the debugger isn't working properly and I'm having a lot of trouble isolating issues.

I've started implementing shaders in the game but I've got an exam to study for so there won't be any glow effect to see for a while.

As for a demo, the game could theoretically be ready now, but without enemies to run from. Oh yeah, and you can't die yet.

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