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Freelancing again, AO buildings, painting, writing

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With Dredmor beta on, my graphical duties are greatly reduced -- so I'm looking for some freelance work.

Need 2d art?

Check out my freelance thread. (Working on getting it unlocked so I can do some thread necromancy.) I've updated my portfolio, check it out. New images there and in the thread, too.

Aragon Online Buildings
I actually finished these a while ago, just haven't posted 'em.
You know the drill. For Aragon Online. Dwarven buildings this time. I probably did too many tall towers for perfect thematic consistency, but that's just what looks cool.

Digital Painting

Insert text comparing heroic/commodity individualism of genre art with themes of individualism and irrationality in the Romantic movement. Contrast, perhaps, with some of my own influences from aspects of Social Realism and Impressionism. Note that 'realism' does not necessarily refer to rendering, but to subject, hence some Impressionism. And how about Futurism? Ashcan School? Much artschool wankery.

Or did I? Point is, if I had gone the commercial design route in school, I'd struggle less with the prevailing style of commercial genre art versus what I tend toward. But then I wouldn't have all other kinds of weird ideas ... as much? ... (and I would have totally hated advertising, and probably been unhappy with the program in general for a number of reasons).

Writing in Games

To follow up on the idea of making content creation easy for non-coders, here's the justification for it. (Which really should have come first, but I found the page just a couple days ago.)

From Fiction is free by Jerome Cukier.

"Over the last 30 years, the price of creating the various game assets has increased at a mind-boggling rate. Except one: story. Still, considering how much impact a good story has on a game, game developers are not spending enough on this essential component.

...getting the right people and dedicating enough resources to fiction is probably the most cost-efficient way to add quality content to your game."

That's what I'm getting at! If you're an indie game dev, story -- or just writing -- is a more efficient content medium than anything else. The key thing, of course, being finding the right people who know how to write in the correct way for a game. And this applies only to games that can use writing! Hmm.


Darklands post to come.
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