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Text Output

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I'm coming nicely along with my engine. Only shadow mapping is giving me a hard time. Here are some new and rather basic things I've implemented over the last few weeks:

- Orbital movement around the planet
- Billboards
- Deferred particle engine
- Text output
- Multiple lights

At the moment I'm working on an anti aliasing solution for my deferred renderer. It is similar to the one described in Policarpos and Fonsecas Deferred Shading Tutorial. Probably I will also implement depth of field. Last but not least I'm going to create some documentation about my engine to ease the re-entry in my code.

I want to meet the deadline I set myself for the engine creation in two weeks. On November the 17th I've planned to start with the creation of four planets. You can expect the first screenshots in December.

Reading: OpenGL Shading Language by Randi J. Rost
Watching: Poltergeist (1982)
Listening: Tears Roll Down by Tears for Fears
Surfing: Stylized Depiction in Computer Graphics
Playing: Orange Box (PS3)
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