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Newsletter #7 - Back to Loradon 3.0

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Due to a lack of time, we have dropped the chess project and have resumed work on Loradon 3.0. The overall progress is now at 46%.

Loradon 3.0 Progress Page

From the Programmer
Written by Invisible

Nothing much to say other then it feels good to be working on Loradon 3.0 again. Starting a new project can be fun, but there's a lot to be said for working with code that you have 3 years of familiarity with.

Since last Friday I've been working to fix all of the currently known bugs so that nothing can sneak up on me while coding the upcoming features. So far I have wiped out all but 1 of the them, and that last bug should be fairly simple to fix.

Community Spotlight
Written by Jay and pifreak

As the Loradon Online and Stick Adventures Online communities continue to merge, more members have begun to be active on the merged forum. As time passes, many members of both communities have begun to feel more relaxed with one another and are continuing to flourish. Also, as more active members accumulate on the forum, the members have started to play the game which they did not try before (SAO players began to play Loradon and Loradon players began playing SAO). This joint community is becoming more active, and once Loradon 3.0 is released, the community will begin to vehemently thrive with many more members.

As the IRC channel, #HAL, accumulates more members, the SAO community is experiencing less abusive language as members begin to feel the need to report bad language and poor playing (such as SKing). Also, the Portuguese-speaking players have decreased their playing and have virtually disappeared from the community. Due to a Brazilian free-ware site, those Brazilian members had been inhabiting the game for quite some time, so Pifreak, an SAO moderator, prompted Invisible to create a new version of SAO to inhibit these players from downloading the game from a non-official SAO website. This new version would force players to go to the official site by prompting them with a message as they attempt to log on to the game; if they cannot speak English, the site will be difficult for them to move around in, creating a mostly English-speaking community. We don't wish to discriminate, but the overflow of foreign language chat was driving away English-speaking players.
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