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Weekly Sitrep

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Webby Nominee?

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we're entering GDNet into the running for a Webby award this year. The Rhino has us all registered up and now it's just time to sit back and wait to see if we make it onto the short list. If that happens we'll definitely be letting you know so we can pull in as many votes as possible for the People's Voice award. Fingers crossed!

Upcoming Conferences

First up for me will be a short hop up to Montreal to attend MIGS for a second time. It's the second-largest international games conference (after GDC, of course) but you wouldn't know it - I sure didn't when I attended last year until the press people told me when I mentioned how nice it was to attend another "small conference". Montreal is a great city and I wish I were spending more time up there this year, but with the conference in the middle of the week my time is limited. I'll be bringing home news and sessions to post up the following week.

The weekend after MIGS is the Philly Videogame Expo, which is featuring a greatly expanded developer summit this year. I felt that last year's "Breaking Into Games" event was very informative for new people to the industry, and was sad to see such a weak turnout for the event. This year's looking to be even better so if you're in the tri-state area I would recommend making the trip. A weekend pass is going for $25 online. $25!!!! It's one of the few events you'll find under a few hundred dollars so anyone nearby interested in games better get their asses out there.

After these two conferences I'll be done until GDC - which is a relief because planning for that behemoth is all I care to have to focus on for the next 4 months in terms of conferences.

Facebook: See you at 1500? 3000? 5000?

So the fan count is still climbing steadily. Late last Wed night I logged in to catch the 1,000 count of fans on our FB page, and now it's already up to 1,043. What do you think should be our next milestone fan count? Got any ideas for the FB page or GDNet on FB? Let me know!

Comments and Suggestions

Don't forget that GDNet is here to serve you guys! When I was just a regular community member getting my start in the industry I constantly peppered the staff at the time with ideas and thoughts and whatever was on my mind. Don't just sit around and let us decide what's best for you, let us know what's best for you. Give a shout out in the CSI forum and if that doesn't seem to work, we have emails in our profiles and you can always try a PM too. Or just comment directly in my journal here. Always interested in hearing from you all!

New Resources

Unfortunately the Pecha Kucha Night coverage is still in limbo, waiting on the video footage to be cut and uploaded. Looks like I'll have to leave a blank space in the schedule tomorrow :/

  • A Look at Game Connection - We have a look at what Game Connection has to offer developers and talk with the founder to learn more about this unique event that's all about the business of making games

  • Lessons Learned - Hobby Game Development - After creating a game engine to learn and make prototypes, Lloyd has indeed picked up on many good habits he would like to pass along to the rest of the development community, and other hobbyist developers especially

  • DevHub - Tutorial 8 - SDL Collision - This tutorial demonstrates how to check for collisions using entities against other entities, and a collisions against a map. It also shows you how to effectively move entities with time-based movements.

  • Jenova Chen - Jenova Chen, creator behind the multi award-winning student game Cloud and flOw, co-founder of thatgamecompany, is dedicated to expanding the emotional spectrum of video games and making them available for a much wider audience. And how did Jenova "make it" as an independent developer? With a lot of support and a drive for innovation.

New Events
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