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Direct3D 11!

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I had no idea that it was even close to being available, but the November DXSDK contains a community technology preview of the Direct3D11. There is a significant amount of updates and new features, some of which will be available on pre-D3D11 hardware.

It's going to be a little while before I get to really dig into the details of the new API, but it looks like overall it should be quite an interesting step forward. I'm going to try reading up a bit and see what jumps out at me first...
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Well, I don't think DX11 final is due for around a year, but yes the preview is pretty cool.

The main thing is the new device model to work with threaded rendering, which works nicely on DX10/DX10.1 hardware, so that's pretty sweet.

The other 3 examples in the SDK are all Ref based however, I guess because they either need driver or hardware support (I suspect the relinking shaders stuff just needs driver support, but I could be wrong).

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